About SHARP Engineering, LLC


The Mini Late Models are scaled down versions of DIRT© Late Models powered by 600cc 4-stroke motorcycle engines.  Not to be confused with the TQ 3/4 Late models, the Series was created and modeled after the Northern micro modified racing series. This is a spec division that promotes affordable wheel to wheel racing, where the outcome isn’t based on financials. Sharp Engineering, LLC is working in collaboration with Hyper Racing, a leader in the Micro Sprint industry that supplies parts and services to racers across the country. Sharp Engineering, LLC  supports, distributes, and fabricates the Sharp Engineering Chassis. Dealer opportunities exist. 



We all want the race to be in the driver’s hands instead of the owner's pocketbook.  The platform and the strict technical rules makes the Mini Late Model one of the most competitive and affordable racing divisions in the country.  The cars weigh 900lbs. (with driver) and feature 110hp engines.  Shock rules and no prep hard compound tires assist in keeping operational cost to a minimum. Tires will last a season, engines are bullet proof and factory designed for the abuse. The combination of a stock sealed engine and engine impound rules eliminate the lure to buy horsepower.  Operational cost as low as fuel only!


The Mini Late Models are designed based upon technology used in 600cc micro-sprint cars.  Working closely with Hyper Racing the cars were designed around components already in production eliminating the worry of finding replacement parts.  Like the micro-sprints, the 600 Mods are chain driven using the same side gear/sprocket idea, along with splined rear axles, tubular front axle, coil-over suspension, rack and pinion steering, and 10" wheels.  The Mini Late Models sport an aluminum body crafted after the Southeast Crate and World of Outlaw DIRT Late Models.


General Specs:

  • 110+HP

  • 900lbs. minimum with driver

  • 70" wheelbase = 93 octane pump gas 

Engine Specs:

Factory stock Suzuki GSXR 600cc production engine

  • stock fuel injection

  • Aftermarket airbox

  • 520 chain drive 

  • Aftermarket three core radiator

  • Sealed Engine 

  • Sealed ECU and Harness

  • Fixed Pressure Fuel System

Frame/Body Styles:

  • 1.25" x .095 wall frame 

  • Side impact bars 

Suspension Specs:

  • 3 link coil over front suspension w/ 10" coil springs 

  • Wishbone coil over rear suspension w/ 10" coil springs 

  • Bilstein Shocks steel 6" stroke small body 

  • 1 3/4" x 52" Splined rear axle 

  • Chromoly front axle with direct mount hubs

Spec Stamped American Racer Tires/Wheels:

  • LF 19/8-10, 10x 8 wheel  SHARP Compound Only

  • RF 19/8-10, 10 x 8 wheel  SHARP Compound Only

  • LR 19/8-10, 10 x 8 wheel SHARP Compound Only

  • RR 20/10-10, 10 x 10 wheel  SHARP Compound Only

Brake System:

  • Wilwood Master Cylinder & Hydraulic Dual Piston caliper

  • Optional left front brake system with caliper and rotor

  • Outboard steel rotor with splined brake carrier on left rear corner


  • Collapsible Steering Column

  • 5 Point Harness (Mandatory)

  • Aluminum Seat (Mandatory)

  • Fuel Cell with Spill Proof Vent

  • Multiple Egress points

  • Quick release steering wheel

The CHEAPEST way to go the FASTEST!!! 

*Please see the order form for additional options. 

Since the interest in the cars has been from across the country I thought you would like to know a little more about me and how they came to be.  
I am from a small town in Georgia where I was introduced to dirt at a very early age. I don’t know why I am the way I am however I guess I can contribute most of it to how I was raised. No Complaints I loved every minute of my childhood. For the most part my parents were self-employed through most of my childhood thus I was taken from construction site to site and my favorite toys became tools. I got my first go kart when I was 3. I was racing karts by 10, ministocks somewhere around 14, enduro cars, street stock, offset karts etc. well before I was able to drive. I basically ran a small business out of my back yard doing automotive work and building race cars at the age of 16, and continued this until I graduated high school. I met a girl who is now my wife and she was headed to college. I was working late nights making really good money but I had an ah ha moment and thought to myself there had to be a better way to make a living. So I applied to Georgia Southern for Mechanical Engineering. Most doubted that I would complete college. They had good reason I had a million distractions expensive hobbies etc.  I built a mini van on 44” boggers, a Honda CRX with a small block chevy, multiple drag quads with streetbike engines. Google Me! 

To make what is now becoming a long story short, I completed my degree in 2009 racing a little here and there and immediately enrolled in the Master’s program to assist faculty members in building a state of the art engine testing facility. I completed my MSAE degree in 2011 but before I did Georgia Southern had a full time position open up and I was hired on by the University as a laboratory supervisor with other duties as assigned. They really like that last part. Basically I supervise a 7000sqft manufacturing facility, design and fabricate equipment for the college, supervise all motorsports related activities within the college, and lets just stop there the list goes on and on. Currently I am spearheading the acquisition of a ton of new manufacturing equipment Haas CNC 5 axis machines, EDM machines, Waterjets, a bunch of additive manufacturing equipment, just to name a few plus redoing the entire layout of the building to house this equipment. 

Anyhow the most rewarding part of my day to day is giving these students access to awesome equipment, knowledge and resources. Most of the students start out not knowing the difference between a torque wrench and adjustable wrench and leave operating over 2 million dollars of machinery. Check out GSU Eagle Motorsports they are my students.


Recently we were the first collegiate team to attempt the Baja 1000. Crazy undertaking that was cut short because we made a bad play call during the chase. More Info on that here


Enough about me 
Sharp Engineering, LLC was started as an industrial engineering consulting firm. I did side work with industry to design solutions for various manufacturing and production related problems.

I will keep it simple and just say that I was approached by a few people inquiring about my ability to build chassis for another series. One thing led to another and we started talking about ways for my student teams to fundraise, reliable 600cc engines, 100hp, chassis with suspension etc. I spent some time digging ran across Nathan (Batwing), Doug(Xcel) and Mike (Hyper Racing) and with their help I was able to pull together what you see now. Each of them have their market but it wasn’t exactly what I was envisioning. This endeavor was started  in February 2016 and now it has gained your interest and interest across the Nation. Don’t underestimate where we are. I have provisions in place to pump out as many as needed. Most of you know Mike at Hyper and he has been working with me from the start. Thanks to him I was able to fast track the design because he had all his components already in CAD. We recently worked to consolidate all my vendors through Hyper and we now have a car component kit supplied to me via Hyper, Hyper is working on a specific catalog etc.. I just had to take his components and design a chassis around them. I then designed and fabricated a CNC tubing notcher. Every straight tube is CNC profiled eliminating hours of hand coping and grinding. I have been doing the chassis production at my personal 30x60 shop and have since partnered with well-known builders that jumped on-board to crank out these chassis. The chassis are spec, I have CAD models, drawings etc. so consistency will not be a problem.  I have industry leaders, top chassis builders, etc all in my corner. I'm merely a facilitator, fabricator, project manager, and engineer or however you want to look at it.

I can supply these, you can have a ton of fun owning one, you could make money as a dealer, it is what racing should be.  
The cars sell themselves, the series has tight rules, the concept works…

The story is a lot longer but you get the idea.
I have personnel on-board lets make it happen!

Left to right: Spencer, His dad, His son.