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Defender Racing Products, LLC was started by Chris Johnson in 2017 and acquired by Sharp Engineering, LLC in December 2018.

This acquisition has filled out our company’s profile allowing us to apply our racing vision to the age four and older.

Sharp Engineering launched the mini late model in 2016 and the car has gained national recognition across the country. The mini late model platform is a 600cc powerhouse of speed and fun which provides the speed and handling characteristics of a full size car for a fraction of the operating cost. The mini late model caters to the age range 8-72 providing tons of fun for people of all ages. The mini late model has proven itself as the next step in racing and an excellent feeder class to those taking the step from karts to cars. Success stories like Nick Snell, age 11, who drove a mini for one season and then dominated in modifieds the year after are a testament to its potential.

Our Mission is to revitalize Dirt Track Racing. Bring people to the track, create a family atmosphere, and bread friendships and craftsmanship through racing. Without racing God only knows where I would be.

We want to provide people and our children the life lessons and opportunities presented to us through racing.

A component of the deal includes partnering with Justin Cox where he will assist in the support and relaunch of the Defender line. Sharp Engineering, LLC and Justin Cox both have a vested interest in this project, as both of us are fathers to boys close to the same age that currently compete in the same karting class,  and together we will do great things.

For those of you reading this who don’t know Justin's story feel free to dig into his life. Justin is the father of Emory Cox and Cam Cox. His oldest son Emory has a long history with kart racing with several championships under his belt in both karting and mini stocks. Those who know Justin know he was a wild card, happy, crazy, dude, flirting with both sides of the law. Justin and I met in passing, and him and his father, Eddie Cox, have assisted us in the production of the mini late model bodies from time to time. You never know what tomorrow brings and for a brief second we didn't know if Justin was going to be here. He was involved in a very severe car accident that nearly took his life. Having to endure months in the hospital, medically induced commas, and multiple surgeries it’s an act of God that he is still with us. His history with karting, personal goals and aspirations make him an asset to the team.

We work diligently for the next generation of racers and I am excited for what the future holds for the Sharp crew, and the positive impact we will make on the racing community.  


Left to right: Camden Harp , Cam Cox



We're starting with a race proven platform, improving it with engineering and optimization. 

Our goal is to redefine Junior Kart Racing. Offering tailored karts, karting packages, and support geared specifically for ages 4-14. Packages compiled for the "Starter Dad" that will provide you with everything you need to WIN... 


“Never surrender to the momentum of mediocrity.”