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SHARP Transitions

Having spent 12 years teaching practical hands-on engineering curriculum at a University I found myself upset with the business of education and the student population. I honestly left with intentions to focus on my personal manufacturing business only to realize the need for applied non-traditional vocational training.  

To Provide Pathways to Education and Elite Talent Pools

Who do we want to be?

  • We are educational facilitators with field experience. Think of us like a personal trainer for education!

  • We have partnered with industry recognized educational platforms to provide tailored educational opportunities where students can study specific topics in a fast paced educational environment at no cost to the student.

  • We are validating educational credentials with industry recognized certifications provided by our educational partners..

  • We are minimizing the need for internal company training personnel. 

  • We are allowing industry to have a voice.

  • We are providing industrial sponsors with live data and access to our talent pool.

Nontraditional Approach to Professional Development

What's so different?

  • Proctored Third Party Certifications 

  • Real World Exercises 

  • Sponsored Projects 

  • Dynamic Program

  • Able to shift curriculum on the fly

  • Synchronous Delivery 

  • The missing link to web based learning


Comprehensive Training Program

The Certified Manufacturing Associate training program is designed to cultivate the essential skills for a thriving manufacturing career.  The program assist dislocated workers, underemployed persons, veterans, among others, in embarking on a new manufacturing career path. This online training encompasses 25 classes and can be combined with the nationally accredited Certified Manufacturing Associate credential. The curriculum equips participants for in-demand, entry-level positions such as assemblers, manufacturing associates, and production operators. Additionally, it serves as an efficient onboarding tool for manufacturers to train new hires.

Classes are self-paced, typically taking 60 minutes to complete. The 25-class training program can be completed in less than a few weeks. They are conveniently accessible anytime, anywhere on desktops
and laptops, and on tablets and phones with the app.

Suggested Order:

Introduction to CNC Machines 201
Introduction to Robotics 201
Introduction to Assembly 101
Introduction to Additive Manufacturing 111
Tools for Threaded Fasteners 235
5S Overview 151
Lean Manufacturing Overview 101
Quality Overview 111
Troubleshooting 181
Blueprint Reading 131
Basic Measurement 101
Units of Measurement 112

Math Fundamentals 101
Math: Fractions and Decimals 111
Basics of Tolerance 121

Intro to OSHA 101
Ergonomics 102
Personal Protective Equipment 111
Hand and Power Tool Safety 201
Fire Safety & Prevention 181
Bloodborne Pathogens 161
Safety for Assembly 211
Robot Safety 211
Lockout/Tagout Procedures 141
SDS and Hazard Communication 151


Comprehensive Training Program

To help meet the growing demand for EVs and battery-operated devices, SME is introducing its first Electrification Certification, Electric Vehicles Fundamentals, to increase talent in the EV industry. This credential is designed for entry-level positions in the areas of automotive assembly and production for electric vehicles. The EV Fundamentals will also provide the necessary skills for individuals with no background in vehicle production and assembly or for individuals who have experience in this area but need to tailor their knowledge to the EV market. The credential is ideal for high school and college students, dislocated workers, under-employed individuals, veterans, at-risk youth, and others who are seeking new employment in a new, fast-growing industry.


Additional  Educational Opportunities-



  • Well over 500 unique online classes, 

  • Instructor-led training titles plus custom classes

  • Every online class has been reviewed and validated by industry experts, 

  • Every instructor-led class is delivered by experts that have been carefully vetted to ensure training is delivered by the best in industry.

Topic Include:

  • General Safety

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Workforce Essentials

  • Materials 

  • Blueprint Reading

  • Inspection 

  • Quality

  • Lean

  • PLC

  • Welding

  • Leadership

  • Manual Machining 

  • CNC Machining

  • CNC Programming

  • Haas Controls

  • NIMS

  • Work Holding

  • Rigging 

  • Motor Controls

  • + Much More!


Software Educational Opportunities 


  • Course Catalog centered on software instruction 

  • Solidworks- 292 Courses 600hrs of Content 

  • Inventor-30 Courses >100hrs of Content 

  • AutoCad-20 Courses >70hrs of Content

  • Revit-10+ Courses >60hrs of Content

  • Fusion

  • Vault

  • SketchUP

  • Distance Learning

  • Engineering Graphics

  • GD&T

  • Mastercam

  • FEA

  • DFM

  • Arduino

  • Camworks

  • 3D Printing




  • Solid Edge

  • Meshmixer

  • Rhino

  • Bluebeam

  • Onshape


Portal Facility

IMG_20220215_221748_01 (1).jpg


  • Utilize Existing 30,000 sqft space for on the floor training

  • Multiple Haas CNC Machines 

  • Manual Machining 

  • Welding and Fabrication 

  • Experiential Learning Opportunities 


Interested in supporting the initiative?

We are seeking the following:

  • Sponsored student positions that would evolve into potential employees

  • Meetings to discuss the educational model

  • Industrial advisors

  • Volunteer special topic instructors

  • Surplus equipment

  • Potential new equipment sponsors or mfg partners ​

Feel free to message us!


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