Reasons to Buy:

*Spec sealed engine,  shocks, and hoosier  tires.


*There are NOT the 3/4 TQ style cars. These are 1/2 scale for 1/2 the cost!


*Tires will last many  races.  


*You don't have to have the equipment needed for big cars. (Less work)


*110 -120 HP to 930 lb  car & driver.


*Only 1 chassis to run! 


*Race on 1/4-3/8 tracks


*Most economical form of racing in the country!


Are all the chassis made from one builder?

All SHARP chassis currently come from SHARP ENGINEERING LLC.

Bumpers, Nerf Bars, Bodies, etc. can be reproduced locally by a dealer providing an endless supply of parts.

Can I build a chassis to your specs and race?

All of SHARP chassis will come with a serial number that will be documented. This is the ONLY chassis allowed to run in series. Any chassis that has been modified will be banned for all future series races. We know where our tabs and pickup suspension points are. This will be the only chassis style made. Yes we may add or take away a bar for safety but we will never change any suspension point. This takes away from always having to upgrade like we see in go karts and big cars.

What about the spoiler upgrade?

There is a maximum spoiler height in our rule book on our web site. Spoiler upgrade is to ease the adjustability of the inclination angle of the spoiler. The case package spoiler is riveted so you have to drill to change the angle. Upgrade allows full adjustability.


What about performance upgrades?

No performance upgrades are offered in the series. All upgrades are aesthetics or safety oriented. In conjunction to this we suspect innovation will occur with setups, and if a setup based upgrade is discovered it will be offered to existing car owners at cost. (Example: wishbone geometry changes from bolt on component)

Are the engines new and sealed?

Our engines are used. We inspect and check them out, conduct a leak down test, etc., and seal the crankcase and the cylinder head with tamper proof seals that have documented serial numbers on them. We also are doing some things with the wiring harness and ECU. Our series rules have more details about this. If you'r found guilty of tampering with this you will be banned for the remainder of season. The next time you are banned forever from the series.

Why is the 06-07 600cc GSXR an upgrade?

06-07 motor upgrade is not a performance upgrade. From the factory, the advertised horsepower is a 10 HP increase over the 04-05. We have provisions in place to track balance the two engines. We have updated the tune on the 04/05 to make it compartable to the 06+ and unified the rev limiters. They perform very close to the same. Any variation visible on the track is due to engine freshness. 


What if I own a stock engine and want to use it?

If you have an engine you would like to use just send it to us. We will check it, make sure it's legal and seal it for you for a small fee. 


Hopefully this answers a few circulating questions.