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Jul 22, 2018


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Radiator Fan shroud and Air Dam

There are several different ways to keep these motors cool but this is one way that we have found to work. By putting a 4 to 5-inch shroud on the front of the radiator, any air that is in front of the radiator will have to go through the radiator. It is held in place on the top by drilling a half inch hole and placing it under the rubber grommet of the radiator hold down. The bottom is held in place with two zip ties through the corners of the shroud and around the pegs on the bottom of the radiator. The air dam on the front will kick up any air that is going under the car forcing more air into the radiator. The pictures below show an example of how you could mount everything. Instead of drilling into the frame to attach the air dam, you should use hose clamps or some other mean of attachment.





Jul 25, 2018

Also you can use this fan if you need additional CFM. The fans are roughly $50-60 depending on supplier and we stock them if anyone needs them.


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  • Are you wore out at the end of a race? There could be several factors that play into this. There are over 80 cars out and about and only a handful have power steering or the racks identified below. We are continuously looking for ways to make the cars better and more appealing to the masses. Here is some stuff we discovered. Setup: You can remove caster by extending the lower rod and or shorting the upper radius rod. The less caster you have the easier the steering will be. Be sure to resquare your front axle. On the flip side the less caster the less weight jacking you have. 5 degrees is reasonable starting point You can run upwards of 20 degrees of caster if you have power steering or slower rack. Rack Ratio: The standard rack we us is the same rack that Hyper Racing uses in all their micros. Due to the seating position and steering wheel angle its difficult to steer with a small steering wheel. You can opt for a larger steering wheel or switch to a slower rack. The 16-500 Hyper rack is 4.8" of travel for one turn of the wheel. We searched high and low and found out that Sweet Manufacturing offers a rack that is a bolt on replacement for the hyper rack. We are trying to get the MFG of the Hyper rack to make us a similar ratio rack as the Sweet MFG rack. The Sweet rack is 2.75" of travel for one turn of the steering wheel. This results in easier steering and less sensitive. You have to turn the wheel further but everyone who has tested likes the Sweet rack and says its a vast improvement over the stock hyper rack. The Sweet Rack sells for $460 plus shipping. This is higher than the $299 hyper rack. If you order the stuff to make the switch to the Sweet rack through us we should be able to save you a few dollars and headache. The parts needed for the swap are: Sweet Mfg. 033-27114 Micro Sprint Rack and Pinion 2- 12" 3/8 Steering Rods with rod ends 02-120 4- 3/8x1.75" grade 8 bolts and poly nuts 2- Hillman Brad-Hole Tee Nut, 3/8 in.-16 x 7/16 in. SKU #329029899 (tractor supply) 2-3/8 washers (small OD to act as shims for outboard steering) Power Steering Power steering has it pros and cons. Pro its the easiest of them all in terms of steering effort. Con its the easiest of them all. I personally like to be connected to the track and with power steering its very easy to loose track of the steering wheel there is limited feedback. Its almost to easy. Cost to switch to power steering is $700-1200 depending on which unit you choose. You can not buy just the unit and install. All units currently require additional parts to install which we can provide. Jamsteer: Heavier, Robust, Cheaper, adjustable Require modification to the dash, custom mount bar, custom steering shaft to connect to the rack Hyper Unit: Easier to install, not as robust, uses stock steering shaft, custom mount Just wanted to add to the forum and hopefully answer a few questions. Hope this helps. Feel free to provide some feedback , testimonials or ask questions below.