Race People, not pocketbooks!


SHARP Engineering, LLC is responsible for the design and production of the SHARP Mini Late Model, Mini Wedge and a wide array of racing products.  


Our mission is to provide the safest racing program possible, designed to teach young drivers ages 3-12 the skill, sportsmanship and fair play needed to compete on and off the race track. Through racing, we plan to provide opportunities for continuous education and development that will foster personal and career growth.


Our goal is to provide a fun, safe, family friendly environment for every person, and to create an enriching experience for both parent and child. We will develop a culture where everyone involved treats each other fairly, with respect, offering encouragement and appreciation, to promote healthy competition at or away from the racetrack.


We hope that our efforts as an organization will be recognized by others as a benchmark for safety and fairness as we help to develop the skills of young racers with dreams of success in professional racing.


A few highlights, full roll cage, seatbelts, No tire maintenance, no engine maintenance, sealed crate engine program, and simple maintenance. The platform can be purchased as a kit for the families that want to assemble themselves or it can be purchased as a chassis only, a roller, or completely assembled. We discussed the platform with several tracks and all have been supportive of our mission. Our Mini Wedge is built in compliance to the Mine Wedge Racing Association rules to allow it to be raced across the country wherever mini wedges are raced.

Please check with your local track rules and regulations prior to placing an order. 

We have a set of rules that can be used as a baseline for new tracks wanting to get the class started. 

We can build fit within any existing track rules and regulations. 

Some tracks require a specific tire, engine, etc so again please check. 

Due to COVID all standard production Mini Wedges will ship with the (SHARP SEALED) Predator Hemi 212cc engine. The seals may not be required by your local track however the seals are nice if you are launching the class at a new location where you are wanting everyone the same. 

To Order simply click the link below or visit our full store via the shop now button at the top of the page.