5/18/19 Sharp Chassis Tech Inspection Briefing

Friday Night both OSP and Lakeview had a race. Richard Johnsons first race back since the penalty. The penalty was appealed. The appeal was sent out to all the regions to weight in and on 5/11 we got our final response the appeal was denied. We have collected a check for the penalty, and as I have indicated all fines and penalties will be put back into the program to make the tech program stronger. As such we did not collect a tech fee from the Drivers at OSP and we are spending $780 on the 6 samples collected post race that will be sent to the lab Monday morning. We collected fuel and tire samples from the top three finishers. The tire samples were removed from the left rear tire. Three slugs were removed from each tire. Two slugs were placed in one vial, and a third slug was placed in a separate vial as a control.

To gain a better understanding of the tire durometer reading I punched every tire prior to the heat race, and a number of tires after the heat race. The is a pretty consistent 10pt drop in durometer relative to tire temperature. This information gives us a better understanding of the durometer ranges moving forward, and indicates that durometer readings should only be used as probably cause post race and the durometer date prerace on a cold tire is more indicative.

A detailed tech brief from Lakeview to follow. We are preparing for tonights race.


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