6/15/19 Sharp Chassis Tech Inspection Briefing

Name of Inspector: Reece Chesser

Date of Race: June 15, 2019

Track: Hartwell Speedway

Top 3 Finishers:

1st - Brad Amerson, #22

2nd - Matt Harden, #71

3rd - Jody Sparks, #6

General Tech Items:

Muffler check

Fire extinguisher check

Seat belt inspection (mount/date)

Seat mount

Cockpit inspection

Safety gear

Chain tension

Fuel system inspection

Battery hold down check

Decal compliance

Full Tech Items:

Top 3:

Weight check

Wheelbase measurements

Tire inspection

Shock inspection

Fuel pressure check

Engine seal inspection

ECU seal inspection

Body compliance

Chassis compliance

First place:

Read/compare ECU

OBD Data Stream recording

Tire sample

Notes: There were no tech fees collected for this race. One tire sample was taken from 1st place


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