Attention Drivers!!!: New Updates to the Tech Program

Tech Program Updates

We will be working with the tracks and their on site tech officials, training them on the SHARP Tech Inspection Program. This means, moving forward, each track will have their local tech officials performing the inspections for our series. This transition will take time and small changes to the format of the inspections will be necessary. We believe this is the best decision for the future expansion of our series and is the key to guaranteeing tech at every single race. The changes being made are to help simplify and speed up the entire tech process, while ensuring that the integrity of the program remains consistent across the country and, as we work to expand to other countries, the rest of the world.

The new changes include:

Vehicle Passport: there will be a link added to the SHARP Chassis website for drivers to access this form. The purpose of this form is an acknowledgment, on the driver’s part, that the car has been maintained/setup properly. Inspectors will cross reference the information on the Vehicle Passport with a visual inspection of the car, ANY discrepancy will result in a DQ. This form will only take a few minutes to complete. Be sure to write clearly, if the tech official can’t read the information, it could lead to a DQ.

(Tip: Unless a car receives new seals due to maintenance/ inspections or a new frame, the information will not change from week to week other than the Date and Track. Therefore multiple copies of this form can be made at once, leave the Date and Track blank and complete at the track.)

Driver Registration/Tech Fees:  At tracks with an on site tech official, drivers will bring Vehicle Passports/tech fees and sign in for our series at the registration table when they get their transponder. At tracks that don’t yet have a trained tech official on site, a representative from SHARP Chassis will be present to collect and perform tech inspections.

Post Race Tech: The new post race tech procedure will be faster and easier for the drivers, as well as the tech officials. The new process is as follows:

Step 1: Vehicle Passports for top 3 finishers will be checked for accuracy

Step 2: Envelope Items will be drawn and performed

First place will draw 2 items

Second place will draw 1 item

Third place will draw 1 item

Step 3: Fuel or tire samples will be collected from top 2 finishers

Tech Envelope Items include, but are not limited to:

Cylinder head inspection

ECU scan/OBD Live Data recording

Fuel pressure check

Wheelbase measurements

Throttle body inspection

Wire harness inspection

Shock inspection

Tire durometer reading (this item will apply to all 3 cars if drawn)

Please contact us with any any questions or concerns.

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