Rule Infractions, OSP 6/14/2019

Date: June 14, 2019

Track: OSP

Participants:  Mike Wolfe Sr., Thomas Cooler

Infraction: misconduct/fighting

“21.4 Any physical confrontation, either on the race track or in the pits, will result in the aggressor or aggressors being suspended for one race, loss of points, and fined $300 for the first offense.”

“21.5 Any driver who enters another driver's pit area will be deemed the aggressor. Away from either driver’s pit area, both drivers will be considered aggressors. Drivers should be aware that they will be held responsible for all members of their race team, and the above penalties will apply even if the driver concerned is not directly involved.”

“21.8 Any and all actions, including negative use of the internet, including any social media, by person or persons ruled detrimental to the Series, or its officials, drivers, and/or owners will receive a minimum $50 fine, along with a possible suspension, and/or lifetime ban from participating and any SHARP mini late model event. These actions or any similar will not be tolerated”

“21.9 Officials reserve the right to increase the above penalties, depending on the severity of the incident.”

“21.10 Any disqualification will result in no points and no money for the event.”

“21.11 Disciplinary action may also include, but is not limited to, the right of the series organizers and officials to suspend either temporarily, or permanently, any driver, team member or team sponsor, whose actions, in the sole opinion and discretion of the series organizers and officials, may have resulted in, or may result in, harm or detriment to the SHARP MINI LATE MODEL Organization and or SHARP Engineering LLC.”

“21.13 The decisions made, and the disciplinary actions taken, by the organizers and officials hereunder shall not be appealed by the driver, team member or team sponsor affected thereby.”