SHARP Mini Late Model

SHARP Engineering LLC is responsible for the design and production of the SHARP Mini Late Model. This is a car designed listening to the needs of the track owners, promoters and car owners. This car was built around an existing support network with operational cost and equality at the core. A true class for all ages and skill.  

Base Car:

This is our race ready option. Just install your own seat and harness and hit the track!


-SHARP Chassis Spec Stamped CNC steel tube Chassis

-2005 GSXR600 Stock Sealed Engine and Ancillary Components

-4 Sealed SHARP Engineering/ Bilstein Shocks

-Complete SHARP American Racer/ Keizer Wheel and Tire package

-SHARP approved suspension and running gear

-SHARP Engineering CNC Base Car Body in White or Black

  • Custom Chassis Powdercoat Color

  • Custom Bumper Powdercoat Color

  • Custom Body Color

  • Mychron 5

  • Fire Supression System

  • Mounted Fire Extinguisher

  • Front Left Brake

  • Gear Indicator

  • Cockpit Lights

  • Sweetrack Fast Ratio Steering Rack

  • Jamsteer Powersteering

  • Seat Riser Brackets

  • Footbox Heel Support

  • Case Saver

  • Wheel Beadlock Upgrade

  • Removabel Left Side Door Panel

  • Beyea Header

  • Window Net

  • Trash Guard

  • Handicap Accessible 

-Custom Chassis Powdercoat Color

-Custom Body Color


-Mychron 5

-Fire Supression System

-Front Left Brake

-Gear Indicator

-Cockpit Lights

-Sweetrack Fast Ratio Steering Rack

-Jamsteer Powersteering

-Seat Riser Brackets

-Footbox Heel Support

-Case Saver

-Wheel Beadlock Upgrade

-Removabel Left Side Door Panel

-Beyea Header

-Window Net

-Trash Guard