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Basic Measurement 101 offers an overview of common gaging and variable inspection tools and methods. Variable inspection provides a specific measurement of a part dimension using common devices such as calipers and micrometers. Both calipers and micrometers often include vernier scales, which are read by finding alignments between graduations on two graduated scales. Gaging devices, such as gage blocks, plug gages, ring gages, and thread gages, determine whether a dimension is acceptable or unacceptable without providing a specific measurement. Both variable and gaging inspection devices should be properly calibrated and maintained to ensure accuracy.

Measurement is one of the most fundamental activities of part inspection. Successful inspection ensures that out-of-tolerance parts do not reach customers. After taking this class, users will be able to describe several common inspection instruments and how they are used in the production environment.

  • Difficulty: Beginner

  • Format: Online

  • Number of Lessons: 19

  • Language: English

  • 30 Day Access from Date of Purchase

Basic Measurement 101

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