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This class provides an overview of common workplace fire hazards, safety procedures, and fire safety equipment. Fire hazards are common in many manufacturing workplaces, so fire prevention is a high priority. Employers should prepare detailed fire prevention plans and emergency action plans that describe evacuation and firefighting procedures. Buildings should be equipped with fire safety equipment like fire detectors, employee alert systems, fire suppression systems, and portable fire extinguishers.

After taking this class, users will be familiar with different classes of fires and fire hazards and understand the requirements of fire prevention plans and emergency action plans. They will also be familiar with safe evacuation procedures, portable fire extinguishers, and automatic fire suppression systems.

  • Difficulty: Beginner

  • Format: Online

  • Number of Lessons: 18

  • Language: English

  • 30 Day Access from Date of Purchase

Fire Safety and Prevention 181

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