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Haas NGC: First Part Runs 317 explains how to prove out programs and execute first part runs on the latest control panel from Haas Automation®, Inc. This class describes considerations for running new or recently changed part programs, including machine setup and correcting part program errors. First part runs require operators to be familiar with several menu options, screen changes, and modes on the control to successfully execute new programs and prevent unexpected errors and damage. Operators should also be aware of emergency conditions and procedures. The updated NGC streamlines first part run processes to be similar across most Haas CNC machines.

After completing this course, operators should have a greater understanding of the importance of proving out part programs for first runs. Learning methods for safely executing new programs will allow operators to fully utilize the Next Generation Control to prevent damage and increase efficiency during first part runs.

  • Difficulty: Advanced

  • Format: Online

  • Number of Lessons: 12

  • Language: English

  • 30 Day Access from Date of Purchase

Haas NGC: First Part Runs 317

SKU: 310210
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