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Introduction to Abrasives provides a comprehensive overview of the use of a variety of abrasive products in manufacturing. Abrasive grains are made of natural or synthetic substances and used in a variety of bonded and coated products. Common grinding techniques rely on the same basic abrasive processes, but the specific kinds of abrasive products used in these processes varies.

Abrasives are used in many grinding applications and other industrial processes. Anyone who works in grinding must be knowledgeable about their properties and purpose. After completing this class, users will have a greater understanding of the use of abrasives in manufacturing. This serves as the foundation for understanding more complex grinding topics in order to work with them safely and effectively.

  • Difficulty: Beginner

  • Format: Online

  • Number of Lessons: 15

  • Language: English

  • 30 Day Access from Date of Purchase 



Introduction to Abrasives 101

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