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Introduction to OSHA 101 provides an overview of the purpose of OSHA and how its standards and guidelines affect employers and employees. While some states and industries have their own safety regulations, most workplaces in the U.S. are covered by OSHA. OSHA standards are enforceable by law and have greatly improved workplace safety. Compliance with OSHA standards is verified through inspections and recordkeeping, which have specific steps and requirements. Both employers and employees are entitled to legal rights and must uphold responsibilities regarding OSHA standards.

Manufacturing professionals benefit from basic knowledge about OSHA's purpose, standards, and practices. Violations of OSHA standards are punishable by law and render the workplace unsafe for all personnel. After completing this course, users will have a basic awareness of the standards, rights, and responsibilities that bolster workplace safety and keep the workplace legally compliant.

  • Difficulty: Beginner

  • Format: Online

  • Number of Lessons: 20

  • Language: English

  • 30 Day Access from Date of Purchase

Introduction to OSHA 101

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