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Schaeffer's 227 Moly Roller Chain

Schaeffer’s 227 Moly Roller Chain immediately goes to work penetrating and lubricating pins, bushings and metal surfaces without attracting dust. Moly Roller Chain Lube forms a solid, longer lasting film that rejects abrasive particles and moisture. This protective layer is capable of withstanding pressures up to 500,000 psi and reduces friction for longer equipment life. Schaeffer’s Moly Roller Chain Lube is formulated to lubricate high speed or medium speed roller chains found in automotive, industrial, farming, and construction and mining applications.

Moly Roller Chain Lube can be used in non-processing areas of food, foodstuffs and beverage processing applications, where a USDA H-2 or NSF H-2 rated chain 

Schaeffer's 227 Moly Roller Chain Lube combines the penetrating action of a supe