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Schaeffer's 266 Citrol® or 266LV Citrol LV (Low VOC)

Schaeffer's Citrol® 266 or 266LV is a concentrated heavy-duty, water dilutable, emulsifiable, industrial strength, biodegradable, citrus base cleaner and degreaser. Citrol® is designed for use in almost any industrial, transportation or general plant maintenance cleaning and degreasing operation. Citrol® is an excellent replacement for hazardous aliphatic, aromatic, chlorinated, fluorocarbon, alkaline, acidic or petroleum solvent base cleaners and degreasers. Citrol® is specially formulated from a combination of organic citrus based solvents and a multi-component surfactant-emulsifier system.

Schaeffer's Citrol 266 outperforms solvent, solvent emulsion and alkaline cleane