We are not your typical racing organization.  


We want to be able to answer the #1 Question….Where do you guys race them?


The answer isn’t that simple.


This class has a ton of interest across the country, and I feel this class is an answer to a large problem with the racing community as a whole. All we heard at PRI and other shows were people talking about the lack of an entry level class, poor car counts, lack of people in the stands etc.


We looked at our demographics and realized that we bring a unique combination to the racing scene.


Sure we have the 25 year old guys that bring one or two people but….we also have the 10yr old that brings the whole family and we have the returning retired racing veteran that brings his fans and following from a few years back.


Track models have changed drastically over the years. Some good changes and some bad.


So what do we want?


  • We want to sanction tracks at no cost to the tracks.

  • We want Nationwide Tech uniformity (we pay the tech officials).

  • We want to hold National Races with large car counts.

  • We want a place for our cars to run regardless of car count until the class gets established in your area. For some areas you already have 5-10 cars in your backyard.

    • We think this is possible due to the sliding pay scale that can be tailored for your specific limitations. There are a lot of factors, entry cost, pit pass cost etc.. We want to work with the tracks to make sure it is almost impossible to lose money on the class. For Example 0-3 cars is often a check-board.

  • We don’t want to spread the class to thin. Even if you become sanctioned we may wait to bring the class there until we can put on a good show.

  • We understand your time is limited and everyone wants to get in and out of the track as fast as possible. Our drivers understand that, and will work with you to ensure that we are not a hold up. Time limit on the races, 18 laps 18 minutes features or 15/15. Tracks that have other scale classes could combine classes.

  • We want to work with regional series to share the car count.

  • For 2018 we are not looking for racing every weekend, but the ability to schedule twice a month for areas with existing car count.


This process if executed properly it should foster a new era of racing. I’m not making any promises but you won’t know until you try. Give it a chance and give us a call! Everyone loves a cheap thrill!



The National Tour is a series of 4-6 races that tours the country hitting each region. 

  • Targeting Large Events

  • Scheduling TBA 

  • Large Purses 

  • Large Car Count

We try to promote a family style atmosphere experiencing the culture in different regions. Ideally each race would be a two day show to provide the racers and fans plenty of action for the weekend. 


Often overlooked and underappreciated is the complexity of the racing surface. "DIRT" Each region has a different surface, requiring different setup and driving style. Embrace the challenge! 



Non Sanctioned Races or Showcase (Set Up by Regional Representative/ Promoter)

  • No Tech

  • No Car Minimum

  • No Tech Fee

  • No Track Entry Fee (Only Pit Pass)

  • Ideally $50 per car to start plus trophy/check for top 3 (no graduated pay scale) (paid by track)


Local Races

  • Local Track agreement will be in place

  • On Site Sharp Certified Tech Official

  • Car compliance form

  • Agrees to follow Official Sharp Mini Late Model Rules

  • Pay negotiated via track agreement  

  • Sliding pay scale

  • Possible Points collected at track and or regional level


Regional Series Races (Set up by independent race promoters)


  • No Ties to Sharp Engineering LLC (questions, comments, complaints can be made via feedback form and they will be passed on to corresponding series director)

  • Must be Titled for your region and title can not include Sharp Chassis, or Sharp Engineering LLC (This is a series designed around the cars not our company)

  • Can PiggyBack on another series (prefered)

  • If Sharp Chassis Logo is used on any official documents or adds it must authorized  

  • Sharp Tech must be present

  • Suggested 3-4hr Radius Max

  • Series Pay when applicable


The following has worked well in Georgia for a startup series

  • Sliding pay scale determined by regional rep

  • Max $100 difference between positions (minimizes on track incidents)

  • No Track entry fee for the car (Driver only pays pit pass) (Justification we handle our own tech and tech disputes)

  • 0-10 cars $100 per car from the track towards purse (Ideal pay $25 to start)

  • 11+ cars negotiate $100-200 per car (supplement with race entry fee if applicable) (Ideal pay $50 to start)


This model has worked well basically the drivers are out of pocket $50 per race, and if the car count is 10+ then they get $50 to start.


If track support isn't there and you still insist on running that track then supplement the race with local sponsors to cover the purse.

National Races or Tour (Sharp HQ Tech Staff)

Head Tech + Assistant

  • Regional Promoter and National Director will coordinate and finalize Race Procedure prior to contacting the track, and determine the best course of contact.

  • Sharp Race Director and Regional Director will orchestrate the race.

  • Sharp Head Tech official will execute tech with assistance of regional tech rep

  • No Combined Events Series Race and National Tour must remain separate  

*Sanctioned Tracks

Follow sliding pay scale, open door policy, will run the cars in any capacity to promote local car count growth. 

What is our definition of “Track Sanctioning”?